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At school, a note to ideal weight... 
In America the Government tries to prevent obesity putting among the subjects of Elementary Schools even the body mass index (the proportion between weight and height): good mark if you're on average, bad marl when you start to grow fat..Would you be in favor of the introduction in the Italian schools?
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..If parents don't teach the proper nutrition to their children, it's up to school 
...I don't stand up. Everyone is free to eat whatever and how much he likes
...Healthy food helps to prevent diseases. It's important to learn it when you're a child.
...First homework, then food. Are they controlling us too much?
...It's the right way to reply to wrong diets and alimentary excesses 
...It can be an incentive to eating well

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Get ready for the Test for Admission  2018 Check your level with their colleagues, identifies areas for improvement, monitors your progress. Ministerial official place online tests with questions taken from the tests of the Ministry of Education MIUR CISIA.

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