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Required partially to regulate and guarantee existing situations (cohabitation, old couples etc) and partially to legalize homosexual relationships...somebody would like to extend them to unions of multiple people (apart from the number). What do we from think about?
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It's correct...apart from sex and the number of people
It is correct to legalize them for heterosexual or homosexual couples 
It is correct to legalize them with restrictions for homosexual couples (i.e. no to adoption)
It's not correct; there are enough tools (civil marriage, legal documents drawn by individuals etc.)
I haven't a proper opinion yet... 

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Prof. Magrini andrea Medicina Medicina del lavoro
Benadusi Mara Economia Antropologia Università degli studi Catania
Marsciani - Semiotica - LettereFilosofia 2276 alma mater studiorum
Giuseppina La Face LettereFilosofia Storia della musica 3 alma mater studiorum
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