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Required partially to regulate and guarantee existing situations (cohabitation, old couples etc) and partially to legalize homosexual relationships...somebody would like to extend them to unions of multiple people (apart from the number). What do we from think about?
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It's correct...apart from sex and the number of people
It is correct to legalize them for heterosexual or homosexual couples 
It is correct to legalize them with restrictions for homosexual couples (i.e. no to adoption)
It's not correct; there are enough tools (civil marriage, legal documents drawn by individuals etc.)
I haven't a proper opinion yet... 

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The contents of in your
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Do you have a personal or university site, or do you collaborate for the development of portals?
You can enrich them with a long list of additional services, they will be the integral part of your site, with look&feel and YOUR banners (no banner or commercial pop-up on our behalf.. only thousand of contents). unlike the competing sites is born and still is an initiative with no profit purpose. The objective of the founders is to improve the contacts and the exchanges of information among university students, with a philosophy of collaboration and share of the users.
For this reason makes the available to webmasters, in a totally transparent and free way.


 FAQ - The contents of in your site

Service   Description
  Get HTML code to copy into your site, show the materials you have entered into or banners and earn points when new users sign up. (Login or subscribe to become Affiliate )
  • Link to your profile and materials, useful to disseminate your informations. : direct link to your profile : direct link to the contributions-materials added to the site
Free sections of the portal available for the university associations:
web space on file server /high performance networks
online site content update services without programming requirements
own domain connected to the site of the association
appeal/advertising of the Association site within

The main service seeked by the users in every university site is that they can have available thousands of basic notes where you'll be able to add all the ones you'll like.
Every insertion is well classified in the system by exam, teacher, judgment etc.
In the Database there are both the buy and sell and Download notes.
Code examples to insert:
Template with frames to insert in a page-->
template with research form-->

  All the information and references to keep on studying: postgraduate courses
, masters, Phd, specialization courses ...
A useful and professional service to give to our curious and receptive users, willing to get into the world of job with a frown an skills...
Code examples to insert:
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Example: _master01.shtml
Possibility to prepare in a slide window the events of university interest; with a double click it's possible to access detail and search displays.
Events are constantly updated by an editorial staff and it's possible to insert your recommendations. Code examples to insert:
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House is a considerable trouble for the students not residing in the same city. Looking for it or sharing it is the objective of a proper search engine.
The service gives the possibility to partner sites to make some consultations in a shared Database.
Code examples to insert:
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  Sharing also on your site the largest archive of the field, a lot of questions/answers arranged by exam, teacher, etc.
Constantly updated by users and co-workers.
Code examples to insert:
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Example: _orali01.shtml  
For every exam a help card for the preparation; all the tricks and experience of whom already passed that exam.
You can consult by searches and RESULTS directly executed by your site.
Code examples to insert:
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Example: _sugg01.shtml  
Notice board for free ads, arranged by category, city, region etc. with several filter possibilities.
Ads are shown and collected by all the university sites joining the network, so that you have immediately an animated and rich notice board for offers.
Code examples to insert:
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At your disposal a set of articles always up-to-date about university.
It's possible to integrate them with your own ones or also only make available those of the Editorial Staff.
Articles are subdivided by categories with search functions and catalogs.
  City views from all over the world with a click? useful to travel and to know other places!! Constantly up-to-date
Very nice graphic chat.. attended by university students, available in many languages;
stop with boring text chat attended only by little boys!!
University glossary. Constantly up-to-date according to the new users needs
  Information and judgments on Teachers and University Assistants
directly provided by the students: a privileged channel of dialogue, a tool to face courses and exams even more prepared!!
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  Opinions and anecdotes on High School Teachers
provided and told by the students: a good moment of fun but also of comparison, a possibility to your own school reality.
Code samples to insert:
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  The toolbar for your browser that lets you access all the more useful functions from

WHY ARE THE CONTENTS FREE? is born in the university, and it's followed by some webmasters in several Italian places that joined the project.
Unlike other competitors it has NO profit purposes and it aims to ease the contacts and the information/stuff exchanges among the Italian university students, improving overall the preparation level and the 'living comforts' of the institutes.

One of the concrete implications of these principles is that the CONTENTS in the Database of are OPEN and can freely be inserted in other sites/portals, in the favourite look&feel and for free. the only bond is they're kept to free access, without bonds and/or userid and/or payments of any type. It's possible instead to insert all the BANNERS you want or other appeals also getting traffic and advertising revenues (provided that it has NOT vulgar/pornographic content).

 FAQ - The contents of in your site...

For any problem on the use of DBs our technical support will be at your complete disposal-->

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