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Gelmini Reform  
Do you think that the contestation and the stop to teaching activities against Gelmini Reform is right?  
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Yes, the Reform and methods are deeply wrong 
No, but I don't share Gelmini Reform anyway 
No, I approve the main points of the Reform 
I don't know 

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Vade-mecum on the new State exam, and made tests !!  
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Faculties, academies, Bachelor of Sciences or courses? Information and
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 Under sheets...advice, cuddles, secrets...
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Future in your fingers: computers, viruses, mobile phones, games...
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All Latin authors with translations and versions 
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 A full collection of Greek translations and versions
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Chapter summaries and analysis, character cards
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 Divine Comedy with all the summaries, characters, paraphrases
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 All the works and authors of Italian Literature
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All the authors, anthology passages and aphorisms 
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I testi originali delle opere di Letteratura Italiana e Straniera
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Tutte le correnti letterarie nel loro contesto storico geografico
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