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Surigao Education Center
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Surigao Education Center

Address : Km. 2, National Highway , Surigao City , Surigao del Norte
Phone : +63 (86) 231 7048
Fax : +63 (86) 826 2007
Zip Code : 8400 

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Surigao Education Center

Motto: Scientia, Excellentia, Credo (Science,Excellence, Belief)
Established: Formerly known as Surigao Medical Center School of Midwifery 1978, On November 25,1987 the name School of Midwifery was changed to Surigao Education Center (SEC).
Type: Non Stock, Non Profit Private, Non Sectarian Educational Institution
Students: 2,629 (School Year 2007-2008)
Location: Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Campus: 8 hectares
Nickname: The Mariners
Affiliations: ISO 9000:2001, AJA Registrars, CHED, TESDA

For 30 years, Surigao Education Center, formerly Surigao Medical Center School of Midwifery, in the Philippines, has been servicing the needs of the community by providing education. The school has been dedicated to the development of each student consistent with the individual’s resolve to work and ability to achieve. Student centered academic activities and student life programs are combined to enhance the educational process and to foster intellectual, moral, social and spiritual growth.



Surigao Education Center is a non stock, non profit private, non sectarian educational institution incorporated under the laws of the republic on November 25, 1987.

The school was then known as Surigao Medical Center of Midwifery, when it opened as the first Midwifery School in Surigao in 1978. Ten years later, the school changed its name to Surigao Education Center and bought about the offering of new courses as part of the school development plan. The one year Health Aide course and Pre School education were initially offered.

Then, Surigao Education Center in line with its objective of developing the community saw the need to offer a Nursing Program. In as much as, the school has been in the training of midwives for the past 14 years and has produced Board Topnotchers and in no instance its passing percentage had never been lower than national passing percentage, thereby gaining the confidence and moral authority to assume greater role in education by offering a nursing program. Thus, through Board resolution No. 8, the Nursing Program together with other new courses was initiated on October 23, 1991.

In the school year of 1993-1994, Surigao Education Center opened its doors to the young men and women of Surigao City and its neighboring provinces to its pioneer batch of Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, Basic Seaman Course(now called Seafarer’s Rating Course) and Associate in Radiologic Technology, now offered as Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology.

Then, in the school year of 1996-1997, the school pioneered again in opening courses in Engineering leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering and Architecture. Other course offerings followed such as Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Business Education, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology.

At present, Surigao Education Center has expanded its offering to include, Teacher Education, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Civil Engineering,Electronics and Communications Engineering and Computer Engineering. Responding to global realities and demand of the labor market, the school implemented the Ladderized Education System with a global sense to adequately respond to these emerging needs.

The College’s 8 hectare campus includes 8 buildings and a college auditorium that will soon rise. Separately located from the main campus for training purposes is the 25 meters swimming pool for maritime cadets and physical education students and a mini hotel for the hotel and restaurant management students. A hospital is also available for allied medical science student’s clinical experience.

The programs offered are recognized by the Government through Commission on Higher Education. The School had also adapted ISO standards for quality system and is currently accredited with Anglo Japanese American Registrars, Inc. (AJA). This reflects the school’s commitment to quality education to the people of CARAGA. Surigao Education Center has revolutionized education in Surigao and she will remain in the forefront in the years to come.

Quality goals

  • Upgrade the undergraduate programs and standards towards global competitiveness.
  • Establish excellent faculty research program.
  • Promote continuous professional growth through faculty development program.
  • Expand the scope of scholarships.
  • Maintain open admission policy.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management.
  • Provide dynamic,competent & highly qualified faculty to teach the courses offered by the institution.
  • Maximize the use of technology in all processes.
  • Develop additional sources of income for the school (IGP).
  • Provide equipment and facilities needed for teaching and research.
  • Provide fast and efficient support services.
  • Pursue highest standards of teaching.

School seal

The School Seal is the insignia of Surigao Education Center. The circle signifies the continuous and life-long search for learning. Its red color signifies fervor to inculcate the value of truth in our academic endeavors. The open book in the main field stands for scholarly venture of the school. It is divided into two signify technical and liberal education as espoused by the institution. Its black color signifies earnestness, commitment and dedication to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in every dimension of teaching and learning. SCIENTIA, EXCELLENTIA, CREDO The motto, Science, Excellence, Belief, verbalizes the ideals and aspirations of the institution.

Officers and administration

Surigao Education Center is under the general management of the Board of Trustees; the President has the immediate authority in all matters and is responsible for the successful management of the institution.

Directly under the President are the Research Planning Officer, Quality Management Representative, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Academics and Vice President for Finance and external Affairs Officer

The Quality Management Representative directly reports to the President and serves as the Management Representative responsible for identifying verification requirements and recommends provisions of adequate resources in the quality system for inspection, testing and monitoring of the School’s education processes and for auditing the quality system.

The Research Planning Officer also reports directly to the President and has no direct supervision over any of the staff. He plans and develops marketing strategies for the Institution in coordination with the VP Academic.

The VP Administration ensures smooth day-to-day operations of the Administrative Department and all other activities related to Administrative functions. He manages all Auxiliary service Officer and the Head for the Plant, Property and Equipment of the school.

The VP Academic is in-charge of the over-all management of the delivery of quality educational processes of the Institution. He oversees the Academic Deans/Department Heads/ Principal of all Departments of Surigao Education Center namely the Basic Education Department, College of Maritime Studies, College of Allied Medical, College of Business Education, College of Information Technology, College of Teacher Education, College of Engineering & Architecture. The Registrar and Librarian are academic non teaching staff directly responsible to the VP- Academics and who are involved to serve student needs.

The External Affairs Officer manages the linkages with local, national and international organizations, foundations and alumni. He is also responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating of all programs, services and operations outside the SEC community intended to maintain the cordial relationship between SEC and its graduates through resource-building activities among alumni.

Campus life and culture

Junior Phi. Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
  • JPIA Week
Society for Hotel & Restaurant Progress (SHARP)
  • Hawaiian Food Festival
Computer Society (COMSOC)
  • Film Showing
  • Seminar/Workshop on Multimedia
  • Seminar/Workshop on Photo Editing
  • Seminar/Workshop on Video Editing
Math & Science Club
  • On the Spot Collage Making Contest & Exhibit
  • Daily Bulletin Quiz
  • Math & Science Quiz Bowl
  • Film Showing
  • Culmination Program
The PRISM (Social Science Club)
  • Damit Pinoy
  • Daily Bulletin Quiz & Exhibit
  • Larong Pinoy
  • Film Showing
  • Piyestang Pinoy
  • Kainang Pinoy
  • Culmination Program & Tribute to the President
English Club
  • Daily Bulletin Quiz
  • Literary Contest
  • Film Showing
  • Culmination Program
Filipino Club
  • Buwan ng Wika
  • Essay Writing Contest
  • Slogan Contest
Kinetics Club
  • Physical Education Festival
  • Hip-Hop Dance Contest
Annual Intramurals
  • Sports, Music & Literary Development of Students
Community Extension Services
  • Health Classes
  • Medical Assistance
  • Advocacy for VAWC & Family Planning
  • Mangrove Planting
  • Training for Bantay Dagat
  • Computer Literacy
Performing Arts Guild
  • Participation on Student Activities

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