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Does body pay the studies? 
From what you can read it happens in France and England..They say even in Iatly...Will we be able with the anonymity of this surevy to understand the truth? I make this question to everyone. Girls and boys...Have you used or do you use your body for this purpose?
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Yes...also with sex 
Yes...only virtual (webcam) 
Yes...private parties / stripteases / risqué photos etc. some spots as shows /magazine reports etc. 
No...but I wouldn't rule it out 
No...and I'm against 

Accorti Beatrice of Psicologia dell'handicap e della
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Prof. Accorti Beatrice

Psicologia dell'handicap e della riabilitazione »
Università degli studi Firenze

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Pregi: è una prof in gamba e molto gentile, risponde praticamente in tempo reale alle email ed è sempre cordiale e alla mano anche per spiegazioni per chiarire dubbi.
Difetti: non ne ho trovati... ...

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